L. v. Beethoven: 32 Piano Sonatas

Scherbakov and Steinway selebrate Beethoven with a cycle of the most enduring works of piano literature:  «Beethoven. Complete Piano Sonatas». These inspired performances were recorded for and during the 250th Anniversary year.


Preceded by the other large scale work, such as the Complete Symphonies in Liszt's transcription, this project can be seen not only as his personal tribute to the great composer but also as a symbolical conclusion of Scherbakov's lifelong journey with Beethoven who has been the pianist's companion during his fifty years in music. Having played almost every work Beethoven wrote for the piano (and beyond), the «Lifelong Bethovenian» (Hi-Fi News) Konstantin Scherbakov could not have missed the «Pianist's Bible» in his ever growing discography.


The project's original design consisted of two parts — concert performances in the season 20/21 and recording of nine corresponding programs during nine consecutive months. As if the planning of the entire process, logistics and preparation of programs was a task not difficult enough, the project had to withstand just another difficulty, the plaque which hit the globe: Covid-19. The pandemic was spreading out, Beethoven celebration has become void worldwide, concert venues and recording studios getting closed. Concerts were cancelled and it is only due to the effort of project's producer Andreas Werner that the recording process went to the end. A huge thank you also goes to Steinway & Sons in New York, whose warm support was so necessary throughout the entire process of realisation and whose immaculate teamwork cannot be praised enough, the Radiostudio Zurich who hosted the recordings with a friendly attitude and typically Swiss efficiency and the Church of Boswil which made the concluding recordings possible!


Interview for Steinway & Sons 


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