Godowsky Vol. 6: Passacaglia / Schubert Transcriptions BUY ON AMAZON

Leopold Godowsky
Piano Music, Vol. 6

Konstantin Scherbakov, piano
Marco Polo 8.225187






14 Transcriptions of Schubert's Songs


Ballet Music from Rosamonde             


Moment Musical, Op. 94, No. 3    


"... Whatever your response to this repertoire, Konstantin Scherbakov resists the easy temptation to rubato-ize and poke around these scores, playing them straight and heeding all of the composer's carefully delineated voice leadings and inner dynamics. His firm, sharply accented traversal of the bowdlerized F minor Moment Musical, for instance, may convince you more than Shura Cherkassky's cream-coated phrasing, although both approaches hold validity. Scherbakov projects the Passacaglia's cumulative trajectory with headlong sobriety and shows no strain as he decisively grasps bushels of big chords and passagework... this is another valuable addition to Scherbakov's ongoing Godowsky cycle." Jed Distler, Classics Today